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How can I get connected with the Hub

With the Hub, you can gather all messages, notifications, and events that you receive from your accounts in one convenient location.

Email: Add almost any email account to your device, including work and web-based email accounts.

Text messages (SMS/MMS): If text messaging is part of your wireless service plan, you can see a list of recent text messages in the Hub.

Calls: The Hub shows you the calls you make and receive, including any missed calls.

BBM and instant messaging: After you add instant messaging apps to your device, you can access your chats through the Hub.

Upcoming events: You can open and respond to meeting invitations and peek at upcoming meetings or events without leaving the Hub.

Social networking: Messages and notifications for most social networking apps appear in the Hub.

Note: To send or receive information, or add accounts to the  Hub, your device must be connected to a wireless network.